Sally Quinn, who doesn't even know that her entire career has been a massive embarrassment to everyone involved, has no regrets about the frankly insane column she penned that cost her her coveted spot in the Washington Post styles section.

Quinn—the type of narcissist who thinks the universal disdain with which she is received is in fact delicious controversy—wrote a whole column in a real-life grown-up newspaper about some sort of thing involving members of her family that no one in the world cares about. (The column did somewhat inadvertently reveal just how much she is hated by people who know her in real life, and not just on the printed page.)

So Marcus Bauchli, the executive editor of the Post, told her she was only allowed to write for the website from now on, because he doesn't care what garbage goes up there.

"I have absolutely no regrets at all," Quinn told POLITICO.

No, of course not. Here is another thing Sally Quinn said to POLITICO:

"What I will not do is talk about the family," she said


Brauchli is expected (by us) to replace Quinn's column with one penned by a former Bush speechwriter with a book to promote.