During NBC 4's 5:00 newscast today, Chuck Scarborough broke in and informed viewers that a man was killed by a falling, snow-covered tree branch at Central Park. Joan Rivers, in the studio for an interview, replied, "Who cares!" Video inside.

After Scarborough reported on the two weather-related accidents at Central Park—the aforementioned death, and that a commuter bus had been hit by a separate branch—the anchorwoman took over coverage and mentioned that the station would be monitoring the story throughout the evening.

At that point, Rivers interrupted from off camera by screaming, "Who cares!" As she was being introduced, Rivers continued, saying, "It's a little bit of snow and they're carrying on! It's snowing... surprise, you idiots, it's February!"

Rivers was obviously joking, and maybe even trying to make light of an otherwise grim development, but still... really? Just as there are times when it's beneficial to be brash, there are also times when one should remain tactful.

This was one of those times, Ms. Rivers, and you failed at it.

[NBC 4 via YouTube]

(Thanks to Moe for the tip and video.)