Facebook, the social network that conned users out of their privacy in its last redesign, nearly topped itself last night, misdirecting hundreds of private messages. Including sending an "explicit chat" to a newspaper reporter. Even by Facebook standards, that's bad.

WSJ.com editor Zach Seward ended up with misdirected messages from about 100 people, according to a post on the Wall Street Journal's Digits blog, including "one couple's entire explicit chat session. Facebook told digits a code update "caused some misrouting to a small number of users for a short period of time." Which is to say, Facebook is again minimizing the extent to which it's complicit in undermining user privacy. Maybe the social network would be more apologetic if the chats had ended up with a blog that would actually run some of them. Like say this one.

UPDATE: More quotes, but sadly none of the sex ones, in this newer WSJ post.

(Pic: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, via Facebook)