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Jason Goldberg didn't have trouble with his bankers back when he was the "Terrible Tyrant" of boring old Jobster. But now that Goldberg's flamboyantly broken free from his buttoned-down, heteronormative look, Citibank's giving his gay lifestyle business a hard time.

We think Goldberg's celebratory gay-networking website Fabulis looks much more fun than Jobster ever could have been. But Citibank wasn't such a fan: the despised bank blocked Fabulis's account because, reps repeatedly told Fabulis, of its "objectional content." Which presumably meant general gayness since, as others have noted, Fabulis has "zero porn, nothing even mildly suggestive or risque." Now Citi claims the whole thing was a big misunderstanding and that the company never cared about anyone's content. Uh, sure. Fabulous doing business with you.

(Pic of Goldberg via Fabulis)