Do you know Ina Garten? If not, you should, and the following videos will prove why. Garten hosts Barefoot Contessa, the wildly popular, wildly insane Food Network program, and she's not afraid to let her quirks shine. Inside, a tribute.

Narrowing down some of Garten's best quirky qualities is like trying to decide the single worst thing about Sandra Lee, but we think the following three videos truly highlight the magic of Ina. So, "turn the volume up" and get ready for a good time. Onto the videos!

Act I: Only the Best for Ms. Garten

Garten has a propensity to suggest that her viewers use the "good" version of pretty much any ingredient imaginable, from olive oil (she prefers Olio Santo, a Californian brand), to maple syrup (make sure it's Grade A Amber), to vanilla extract (she's partial to Nielsen-Massey)—and everything in between. Here, a compilation of Garten's "best of class" suggestions.

Act II: How Fabulous is It to Ask Rhetorical Questions?

Those who watch Barefoot Contessa know that rhetorical questions are some of Garten's favorite things. Whether describing the concept for a dish and asking, "How bad can that be?" or highlighting the finished product before saying, "How gorgeous is that?" rhetorical is Garten's forte. How do we know they're not actual questions, you ask? Because everything Garten makes is perfect, she's aware of that fact, and—if you know what's good for you—so are you.

Act III: Oh, Jeffrey!

Barefoot Contessa has quite the cast of supporting characters—T.R. Prescod, Garten's male model BFF; tween sensation Tess; Mr. Iacono and his chicken farm; Edwina von Gal and her... haircut—but none compare to Garten's lovable, fumbling, cute-as-a-button husband, Jeffrey. Here, a look at Garten's best "Jeffrey talk" moments, along with a few cameos by the man himself.