Tonight, the parents of missing, depressed Growing Pains star Andrew Koenig were supposed to be on Larry King Live. But just two minutes before their interview, they walked out of the studio. What happened?

Towards the end of the show, Larry King Live went to commercial with a teaser for an upcoming interview with Walter Koenig (Star Trek's Checkov) and his wife, Judith. But when the show returned from break, they had abruptly left the Vancouver studio where they were going to be interviewed, leaving Larry King stammering.

It's not like they've been hiding from the media. Earlier this evening, they held a press conference in Vancouver, at which Walter Koenig told his son "I just want to know you're OK." And Walter Koenig has been releasing updates via his website, most recently detailing that he had received a worryingly despondent email from his clinically depressed son on Feb. 16th. The obvious conclusion: After more than a week with no real developments, they got some news about their son, good or bad, that obviated the need for an interview. We'll see.