Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons claimed he couldn't have sexually assaulted a cocktail waitress because he hasn't had sex since 1995. He didn't mention "riding planes and getting into cars with women"—which the local news caught him doing yesterday.

Governor Gropey Drinky-motion got off a plane from Washington. Then Kathy Karrasch got off the same plane. Karrasch is a lady who is not the governor's wife, but to whom Gibbons sent 867 text messages in one month in 2007. Then a really annoying guy in a hoodie with a camera asked Gibbons if anyone had gone with him to DC.

"No one else came with you on this trip," asked Humbert.

"No one. No one," said Gibbons.

"Kathy Karrasch didn't accompany you on this trip? She did not," asked Humbert.

"No," said Gibbons.

"She's not in this airport right now," asked Humbert.

"No," said Gibbons.

"She was not on that flight," asked Humbert.

"No," said Gibbons.

Despite the governor's claims, 8 News Now cameras caught Karrasch heading into an airport bathroom. She came out, but ran back inside after seeing a reporter waiting for her.

Huh! Karrasch finally came out, and they asked her if she had gone to DC with the governor. She said: ""You know what? I could have been in Las Vegas having tea with the first lady." Then she got into the governor's state-owned vehicle, and sat there for a while. Then Gibbons got into the same car.

"Governor, you told us just 10 minutes ago that Kathy Karrasch was not on this flight. Do you want to change your statement," asked Humbert.

"She was not with me in Washington D.C. I can't control where she goes or what she does," said Gibbons.

"So you just happened to be in Washington D.C. with her and just happened to be leaving in the same car as her," asked Humbert.

"Well, she was not in D.C.," said Gibbons.

Gibbons said he was giving her a ride because their Reno homes are near each other.

This guy! He should probably go to jail. Not for this, obviously. But for all the other stuff.