Meet Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons (R-Skeezeball). A former playboy model is suing him for allegedly sexually assaulting her in 2006. Gibbbons' defense? He hasn't had sex in 15 years.

CBS News reports on Gibbons deposition in the lawsuit, brought against Gov. Drunkey McRapey by Las Vegas cocktail waitress and former playboy model Chrissy Mazzeo:

The federal civil suit was brought by Chrissy Mazzeo, a cocktail waitress who says that Gibbons assaulted and groped her in a parking lot after spending hours drinking at a Las Vegas restaurant. The alleged assault never resulted in any criminal charges, but on February 5 of this year, the governor was deposed for four hours by Mazzeo's attorney, Bob Kossack. During the deposition, Gibbons claimed that he hasn't been sexually intimate with any woman since 1995, and that he's "living proof that you can survive without sex for that long."

This is highly unlikely because 1) Gibbons has recently come under fire for sexxxy late-night texts on Nevada's dime with a friend. and 2) Mustang Ranch.

Obviously, Gibbons is just angling for a pity fuck to go along with the huge settlement he is going to have to pay when he inevitably loses this case.