"PayPal Mafia" don Keith Rabois cut Silicon Valley simps (everyone) down to size; Guy Branum staged a Twittervention; and David Lat leafed through some porn. The Twitterati were acting like made men.

Chelsea Lately's Guy Branum decided it was high time he cut back.

Reprising his days as a medallioned capo for the PayPal Mafia, tech investor Keith Rabois told Mint.com designer-turned-venture-capitalist Jason Putorti to GO HOME AND GET HIS SHINE BOX.

And startup advisor Tyler Willis? Tyler Fucking Willis?? Nobody! Keith Rabois wipes his motherfucking loafers with Tyler Willis, okay? Tyler Willis exists on an entirely different and sad plane from Keith Rabois, okay? DO NOT SPEAK TO KEITH RABOIS OF THIS "TYLER WILLIS" EVER AGAIN BECAUSE HE DOES NOT EXIST in the world of meaningful individuals that Keith Raboid INHABITS.

And Mike Arrington? Don't even get Keith Rabois started on Mikey Arrington and his cheese-eating pseudointellectual contributor twats, who should get down on their fucking knees and THANK KEITH RABOIS FOR INSULTING THEM ON KEITH RABOIS'S TWITTER because that's the best distribution their writing is going to get, says Keith Rabois. OHHWWW! (Do us next do us next!)

Above the Law's David Lat is ill and should seek treatment.