There was quite a hullabaloo over the the possible awkwardness of an Israeli brother/sister Ice Dancing team dancing sensually to Schindler's List. So-much-so that NBC didn't even air it last night. Well just how tawdry was it? Video inside.

Eh? The reason we have the video is because NBC decided to put up the full routine on its site, since it really isn't that bad. After studying the tape extensively, we came up with only three instances of direct crotch-to-crotch contact. Which isn't really that gross. Kind of a letdown we guess, but not really? Because why would we be let down by the possibility of incestuous desecration of the holocaust? So I guess we all win for the sake of humanity, but we all lose because we can't be outraged and grossed out? It just seems like they were skating to some pretty music in a very non "I wanna bang my sister" kinda way. Actually, compared to the rest of last night's routines, it was downright vanilla. Nothing to see here people, move along.