Naked Teabagging Senator Scott Brown supports Harry Reid's jobs bill, which is basically a tax credit and a couple bucks for infrastructure, somewhere. Now the crazies are mad at him, and they're taking it out on his Facebook wall.

These folks, Scott Brown's "Fans," thought Brown was literally the naked lovechild of Reagan and George Washington, but, in fact, he is a Senator from Massachusetts. And he would like to remain a Senator from Massachuetts, which means sometimes he will have to vote for things that the people in his state (not the people from Facebook) support.

So Brown patiently explained, on the Facebook, that he's voting for the bill because blah blah tax cuts bipartisanship etc. etc. This message has 3,546 comments of pure rage. (And 1,569 likes!)

Here's a good one:

I wish your truck had broken down and you couldn't make it to Washington in time to vote for this bill! You were OUR "hope and change" and you let US down BIG TIME!!! Beck/Palin 2012!!!

They've also taken over his wall and uploaded some delightful "Fan Photos."

The best part is that 75% of these people seem to think Scott is reading this Facebook page. And, oh shit, they've taken over his daughter's page too!

So now you basically know what it is like to be the legislative aide for any given congressman who fields calls from constituents. And that is one of the many reasons why Congress is broken.