From heroin addicted chef, to globetrotting professional eater, to...this? Anthony Bourdain will make an appearance as a doctor on the Nickelodeon kid's show set to debut March 10th. Bourdain fans should not be pleased. Yo Gabba Gabba fans, either.

People enjoy Bourdain because of his knowledge of different cultures and candor on No Reservations. He's the anti-Food Network food personality. He's rough around the edges, hates Rachael Ray, and will not hesitate to drop and F-bomb or 10. That's why he left his original Food Network Show A Chef's Tale. I guess Nickelodeon's Yo Gabba Gabba is different from that in some way? With appearances like this, he's shying away from the Bourdain everyone knows and loves, to a caricature of himself. He's still cool and edgy, but he's not afraid to do a random wacky kid's show appearance! Ungh. Let's just hope he doesn't star in a spot for Marie Calendar's Pasta Steamers next.

The thing is, someone had to orchestrate this appearance. A producer from Yo Gabba Gabba was probably beer bonging some Absinthe with Bourdain's agent and at 4 AM they came up with this brilliant confluence of things that should never go together.

Bourdain, please stick to finding the best Pho in Korea and don't bother with butchering your lines on kid's shows. Age gracefully!

Also, I know Bourdain can do no wrong for a lot of people, so let me have it in the comments!

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