Hey, it worked for Paris Hilton. High Society's trailers show a blonde slurring about "the n-word" and "retarded" (the offensive epithet du jour!) but they've also got a gay socialite of ambiguous race and "Malik So Chic," so 'sallgood, right?

High Society's success will depend on its ability to reconcile the CW's rich brat demographic with Tinsley's slightly more Real Housewives-y reality, given that she is in her mid-30s and has a marriage under her belt. The use of phrases like "mean girl" are a bad sign—but then again, what's more reality TV-appropriate than rich ladies who deny their age? So: Carry on.

In this trailer, entitled "Real Look," we learn that high society has "no rules" and Tinsley looks "like a tranny." At first I thought the person saying "I use the n-word sometimes" was Paul, but on a second watch reveals it is Jules. There's also a lot of slapping and champagne-throwing.

In "Cuckoo's Nest" we learn that Tinsley "is not a typical socialite" and "doesn't want to be talked about" (always the reason people start reality shows!) but Paul, "Malik So Chic," and Jules are the hard-partying tantrum-throwing types, so expect them to start outshining the Tinz in T-minus-1-episode.