Schlubby actors Kevin James and Vince Vaughn schlub it up in a movie. Jim Beluschi will schlub it up in a a TV drama. The UK Doesn't like Alice in Wonderland. Trade Roundup: Safety glasses required beyond this point.

•Deadline reports that Ron Howard has cast Kevin James and Vince Vaughn in an upcoming picture "about fidelity." Writes Deadline, "Kevin and Vince will play best friends and business partners, and Vaughn is tortured when he observes his pal's wife getting intimate with another man. Should he tell?" No. He should not tell. I mean, is that even a question? Why would you tell? [Deadline]

•Jim Belushi is also adept at playing schlubs. He is starring in a new CBS legal drama pilot called The Defenders, according to Variety. Other pilot news: Kelli Garner (Taking Woodstock) stars in ABC's Generation Y, Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn stars in Perfect Couples and Carrie Wiita will star in NBC's The Strip. We just Googled Olivia Munn. And... wow! [Variety]

•Maybe The Fourth Realm Trilogy will be the next Twilight/Da Vinci Code/Harry Potter/take your pick? Fox has just bought rights to the popular series of "books" (Think: Foreign films without the pictures or sound.) The books were written by a weirdo named "John Twelve Hawks," who has never been met by his agent or his editor. They will be adapted by Watchman writer Alex Tse. Weird! [THR]

•James Cameron wants you to know that Avatar is the greenest movie about blue people ever. According to the NYT Cameron told the audience at a Q&A that "‘Avatar' asks us all to be warriors for the earth," and that he had "deliberately designed "Avatar" to move the masses with a kind of emotional appeal that documentaries like "An Inconvenient Truth" and his own undersea adventures could never deliver." Everyone tell Bill O'Reilly that Avatar is liberal propaganda. [NYT]

•Archer! Do you like this show about a spy on FX? We do. It's being renewed for another 13-episode season because everyone likes it so much. The new season starts in 2011. [Variety]

•Another day, another threatened UK Alice in Wonderland boycott. Today, theater chain Odeon has said it will boycott the film because Disney is shortening the release window from 17 weeks to 12 weeks. Wait... England is another country. Why are we even writing about this? [TheWrap]