Watching the brave dudes of ice dancing last night (jovial Agosto! dashing Moir!) and then considering the rowdy antics of snowboarders, we got to wondering: What is it like when two very different athletes meet in the Olympic Village?

Because, you know, in our fantasy imaginings of how the Village goes down, American teammates are constantly saying hello to each other, the way that two Chinatown buses passing each other going opposite ways on the highway always seem to honk and wave. Same recognizes same, especially in such a faraway and isolated a country as Canada.

So while little Scott Lago is getting his bronze polished by some adoring young lady, what does does he say when this young fellow walks by:

That's US ice dancer Evan Bates, a cheery-looking lad who might have a lot in common with Lago, who knows! But when you consider just their respective sports, which probably all come weighted with different social currency in the strange biodome of the Olympics, does a baggy panted snow flipper have much to say to a be-chaps'd ice glider? Probably they just ignore each other mostly — after all, they've important events to focus on — but imagining these two disparate winter people thrown together and making awkward small talk is, well, kinda funny.

Holy fucking update: From Evan Bates' Twitter:

Duuuuude! How stoned *were* they?