Jon Voight reunites with his long-estranged daughter for a family photo op. Hilary Duff flashes an engagement ring, Travis Barker slashes tires, Charlize joins Kabbalah, Jay-Z busts out his 'uh-oh' dance. Come and get your Monday gossip.

  • Still in Venice, Brangelina are keeping a rigorous schedule of photo opportunities, with Angelina meeting up with estranged father Jon Voight for a taxi boat ride with Brad and baby Zahara. Family therapy by photo ops? The Daily Mail points to two "large tucks of skin underneath her right ears." [fig.1] The Mail is implying facelift, but the "tucks" so bizarrely placed, blatant, and plain old weird-looking, I'm too confused to draw a conclusion. You'd think Angelina's work would at least be decently well done? (Her nose job, and any other intervening actions, have been pristine.) [TMZ] [DailyMail]
  • After TMZ posted a video of Travis Barker cursing out and possibly slashing the tires of a photographer's car, Barker took to Twitter: "Paparazzi cried like young girls when it was no longer 3 of them against me and my kids. Didn't they remember threatening me an hr ago??" Paps can be awful, but so can Travis Barker, so I'm calling this one a wash. [TMZ] [Twitter]
  • Speaking of photog-star brawls: The photographer Sean Penn kicked in October says he had to have knee surgery to repair the damage. All this time we were wasting him on dramas, who knew Penn was meant to be a kung fu star? [TMZ]
  • TMZ and US Airways had a race to see who could get a lost wallet back to Jersey Shore's Ronnie first. A passenger gave Ronnie's stray wallet to a flight attendant, while another passenger contacted TMZ, which in turn contacted Ronnie's agent, who took it from there. Why do we even bother with communication that isn't tabloid? [TMZ]
  • At the Maui Four Seasons, Hilary Duff sported the ginormous engagement ring that Mike Comrie gave her [fig.2] which is, I kid you not, as round and wide across as her ring finger. [JJ]
  • Also photographed with a new ring: Daniel Craig's girlfriend of six years, Satsuki Mitchell, who is gorgeous and intelligent, a movie producer is she. Bitch. [DailyMail]
  • ...and it's official: Charlize Theron is a kabbalist. She was photographed with the telltale red-string bracelet. Sometimes I think how funny it'd be if Rabbi Shmuley (or whoever's advising the Charlize Therons of the world) is right, and Heaven is populated by a combination of dour-faced rabbis in black suits and glossy blonde pop tarts. I'm sure the rabbis would be pissed. I, on the other hand, would be greatly relieved to be going to Hell. [DailyMail]
  • Vanessa Redgrave did a huge bow to Prince William at the BAFTAs. William's bald head was clearly visible. Poor guy. [DailyMail]
  • Jay-Z says he taught Beyonce all her best moves: "The 'uh-oh' dance—that was me." Yeah, but nobody wants to see you doing it, Jay. Quit stealing your girlfriend's thunder. [DailyMail]
  • Abbie Cornish dumped Ryan Phillippe and absconded from their home while he was out shopping for toys with his kids. This story line has perhaps too symbolic a narrative arc to be believed. [JJ]
  • Graydon Carter's Monkey Bar: The hottest spot for reconnecting with old white collar crime partners. Martha Stewart ran into the stockbroker who aided her insider trades, and Clive Davis and James Galanos were there, watching. Both ex-cons "acted elegantly," on account of both continuing to be filthy rich. Money buffers all blows. (Also: Didn't Martha run into ImClone chief Sam Waksal at a different lunch last week? These people need some new haunts.) [P6]
  • A Broadway theater wrote a high school theme role specifically for Lea Michele. If this distracts her from Glee in any way, heads will roll. [P6]

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