Russia's Ice Dancing pair took to the Olympic ice tonight with toned down versions of the Aboriginal costumes that drew criticism at last month's European Championship. The skin-darkening makeup? Gone. Their dance was still offensive, though—and it sucked.

We don't even need to show you the entirety of the "original dance" routine performed by Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, as this short clip should do more than enough to convey why people will likely still be offended by the performance, war paint or no war paint.

It would appear that Domina and Shabalin didn't realize that making a few cosmetic adjustments to their faces wouldn't go all the way toward appeasing Aboriginal leaders who cried foul after their performance in Estonia last month. And with the main costume elements—as well as the "Aboriginal" music and choreography of the routine itself—still in place, it's hard to deem their adjustments as genuine.

And beyond being offensive, the routine was just... bad. Everything about it—their expressions, the choreography, that music—is the epitome of cheesy, and it makes you wonder why Domina and Shabalin would make the decision to perform such a controversial routine if it wasn't even a good one.

There's also this: "Eskimo kissing" to end the dance. Seriously.

Even though NBC's commentators—and, likely, the viewing public—were underwhelmed by the routine, Domina and Shabalin came out in first place after the scores were handed down. We'll know soon whether their scores stick and earn them a gold medal or not. I forgot that Ice Dancing is a three-part competition, so I guess we won't know soon—or at least as soon as I was thinking! Apologies.