The most compelling pundits in Conservatism right now are basically this kid because he's a a kid and Andrew Breitbart, because he's stunningly shameless about how excited he is to try to "destroy people." Also, shocker: he doesn't like Salon.

Here's a video of Andrew Breitbart being angry at Salon.

In it, he compares ACORN to Abu Ghraib, and says he now has the ability to "strike back" and "destroy people" in retaliation to other people being destroyed, though he's not entirely clear on who he's talking about besides that time Dan Savage—Dan Savage, who made a career out of writing about why it's okay if you're into getting peed on—contracted the flu and supposedly tried to give it to Christian evangelist Gary Bauer, which yielded "controversy" because people like Breitbart and his Minions are conveniently too stupid to understand satire when they read it despite being expert sensationalists themselves. Oh, and also, James "Teabugger" O'Keefe, who convinced America he'd found something interesting about ACORN by being pretty good at entrapping others, before he got arrested for doing some more dumb, destructive shit. But let's say Breitbart is right (even though he's not) and his assumption that there are people on the left who work at Salon who wake up every morning to see who they can "destroy" is correct (which it isn't).

Breitbart is angry.
Angry people cause a scene.
People tend to look at shitshows.
And being angry and a shitshow and a scene is obviously a pretty profitable business.

There's nothing progressive or interesting or important about what Breitbart is doing. He's not changing anything. He's not changing the way people think, he's just making angry people angrier. In fact, the angrier he is, and the more shit he breaks, the more attention he gets, and the more money he makes. That's all this is. Really. That's it. Breitbart is a sad clown who is trying to kick up dust and make a buck and here he shows how excited he is to do it. If people like Breitbart were interested in change they'd probably spend less time talking to reporters about destroying people and looking angry and more time trying to figure out how to solve the world's problems, which are complicated and require less shouting and more thinking. This is old news, but oh well. I guess I just wanted to post this video of Andrew Breitbart being his usual angry fuckface'd self to point out the fact that he has yet to come up with a better nickname for Pareene than Appletini Partyboy, which is funny because it's so patently awful and fairly representative of Breitbart's complete inability to produce anything that isn't just, you know, shit.

Also, Talking Points Memo went looking for Aspiring Conservative Rappers at CPAC, who were going to be given a chance 8 Mile style to rise up and become famous among people who, if they aren't already fortified in something they refer as The Compound, one day will be. What they found makes Will Smith look edgy: