Today at Gawker.TV, Archer raises it's sexuality up a notch with a choking scene, Tracy Morgan's best talk show moments of the week, what happened to Superman, and Joe Jonas, Lil Jon, and RZA invade Vampire Weekend's new video.

The Week Tracy Morgan Invaded the Talk Show Circuit
Tracy Morgan found a way to toe the line between being funny, and being bat-poop insane. He'll give a perfectly timed zinger, then will promptly ramble-off incoherently. This week, he was everywhere promoting Cop Out, and he wore his crazypants.

What the Hell Happened to The Man of Tomorrow?
Does the world need Superman? He's probably the most iconic comic book hero ever created, but it seems his invulnerability has a cost. There is buzz about another attempt at rebooting the franchise, but is there any point?

The Subtle Sexuality of Archer
FX's animated spy parody continues its run becoming raunchier and raunchier. Cartoon fetishism hasn't been this overt since Fritz the Cat. Last week Archer showcased tits and ass. This week? Oh my God he's... he's choking her? [NSFW]

Lil Jon, RZA, and Joe Jonas Play Tennis in New Vampire Weekend Video
The latest Vampire Weekend track has quite the cameo list: Joe Jonas, RZA, and Lil Jon. "Giving Up the Gun" is so catchy that it will surely infect pop music for the next year. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Asteroids, End Times, and You
Naked Science's experts asserted Earth will end via asteroid impact, and seemed pretty excited about the news. How can we avoid the eschaton? Launch nukes into space and put lasers on the moon to blast rogue rocks and intergalactic hamsters.