Happy Friday, here is a Dumb Thing on Fox News post. Yesterday the squawking heads were discussing how bad college is. Why is it bad? Because it makes you liberal. But it doesn't make you smarter.

Some Troubling New Study was trotted out yesterday (we're late, we know) as proof of horrible higher learning INDOCTRINATION. Terrible liberal indoctrination. Some Vulcan-browed guest host (Kilmeade... dead?) on Fox & Friends, a show whose mother is the former governor of Alaska, wonders if there's anything that can be done to stop this. Master educational theorist Lionel Trilling Tucker Carlson was on hand to tell you that there are certain advantages in sending your little Emile to college, but that you really need to be careful. There aren't enough conservative professors at big schools, not nearly enough!, and that is cause for concern. According to the study a lot of college graduates are also complete idiots, so thus Liberalism = Idiocy in Fox's sound deductive reasoning. Basically the message is this, dear Fox viewers: Probably you shouldn't send your kid to college, because their young impressionable minds will be filled with horrible things like hope for the future and an active interest in genuinely fostering open-minded civic discourse (plus: beer and sometimes vagina, though not in Tucker's case), but if you do have to make them into evil, fancy, elitist collegeboys, somewhere like Liberty University is probably your best bet. Because the best education is the one in which your parents' worldview is grafted onto your own.