Owen Wilson, Woody Allen and Carla Bruni make a movie. Ben Affleck does a movie too—about wife-swapping. Steven Segal is back. Zac Efron is rich. Our last significant digit must be five or greater, because we're rounding up.

•Everybody likes at least one Woody Allen film, right? If you don't, maybe this next one will hit the spot: Owen Wilson has—improbably—signed on to Woody's next film. Also rumored to be involved: French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. We know nothing about this film but, it will probably offer a wry take on the age-old theme of love, lust, loss and high-brow cultural references. [Deadline]

•Ben Affleck pitches, Warner Brothers catches. Affleck is directing—and possibly starring in—The Trade, a movie about oversexed Yankee pitchers whose sexxxy wife-swapping scandalized (aroused?) America in the 1970s. Apparently Affleck had to wrest the script from rival director Richard Linklater's greedy little hands. [Deadline]

•Paramount has picked up rights to Middle Men, the true-life story of the American hero who started one of the first Internet porn businesses. The film stars Giovanni Ribisi, James Caan and Luke Wilson. The film will be released this year, then we can finally learn who to blame all of society's problems on. [THR]

•Warner Brothers is on an overall production deal bender! WB has signed a 2-year deal with Zac Efron, 22, according to Deadline. Deadline wonders if he'll be "he question whether he'll be the next DC Entertainment superhero, or Bourne-like action thriller leading man, or buddy comedy co-star, or all, or none." So young, so rich, so so. Also, Robert Downey Jr. and his wife are in talks to sign a deal with WB via their production yet-to-be-formed production company. [Deadline]

16 and Pregnant is, like its subjects, young and pregnant. The MTV series is a hit, according to TheWrap. Its premier beat everything in the 12-34 demo except the Olympics and American idol. It's only a matter of time before MTV rolls out 83 and Pregnant, the show about ohttp://publish.gawker.com/ged/new#ctogenarians raising a kid in their nursing home. Sitcom premise! [TheWrap]

Steven Segal: Lawman is back for another season. [THR]