The Pulitzer Prize Board has allowed the National Enquirer to enter its John Edwards coverage in two categories, according to the Huffington Post, reversing an administrator's earlier objections. "Tabloid trash" has never looked better. Update: Columbia gives a no comment.

Friday morning update: We asked Sig Gissler, who administers the Pulitzer Prizes for Columbia and he declined to confirm if the Enquirer entry had been accepted: "We do not discuss entrants. We apply entry criteria and if an entrant meets them, the entrant is allowed to participate. Our rules are on our Web site."

The Enquirer has entered in the "Investigative Reporting" and "National News Reporting" categories, writes HuffPo's Emily Miller, who has been campaigning for the supermarket tabloid to get the prize since January. Miller cited "sources close to the board" and included a celebratory quote from the Enquirer's editor. So it's looking like the Pulitzer overlords really have overcome their out-of-hand dismissal of the paper. A victory would be further humiliation for the incumbent political press corps who ignored the Enquirer's persistent reporting for many months — and that humiliation is just one of many good reasons to give the Enquirer its damned award, already.