It wouldn't be a Fashion Week without a bit of drama, and nothing says drama like a good, old-fashioned fight. Plenty of people are squaring off, but there can only be one victor. Who will walk away champion?

Here are our five favorite fights from the week. Yes, they're tremendously petty, but anyone who has ever watched a reality show will tell you that all public disputes are usually over something completely inconsequential. What really matters is who will be standing strong and who will be bleeding in the gutter outside of Bryant Park. Let's investigate.

Kim Kardashian Vs. JWOWW
Dispute: The Jersey Shore creature brought her Ed Hardy dress to the front row of Kardashian's fashion show for Bebe. People were more concerned with poking JWOWW's fake tits and asking her questions than paying attention to Kim.
Victor: JWOWW, of course. She's riding high on the peak of her fame, and Kim is clearly on the way out. You better save up all that money you're making to tweet, Kim.

Kelly Osbourne Vs> Peaches Geldof
Dispute: Apparently the two spawn of rich English people have a long-standing feud and won't attend the same fashion shows. While Kelly is getting a lot of press, Peaches is getting ignored and that makes her sad.
Victor: Peaches. Sure, Kelly is kicking it front row style, but an angry Peaches is a crazy Peaches. She will probably jump Kelly outside the tent and rip her jugular out with her bare teeth, much like Kelly's dad used to do on stage.

Anna Wintour Vs. Diesel
Dispute: There was a line at Diesel! If there is one thing that Anna hates more than fat people, it is a line. Well, a line of humans that she has to wait in. She didn't attend the show.
Victor: Do we even need to spell this out? Do not cross Anna!

Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon Vs. Silex
Dispute: Apparently new BFFs had to sit far away from Alex McCord and her dinosaur husband Simon Rex at the Thuy show to keep them from starting a very public fight.
Victor: We would say our former intern Jill Zarin, because we always have her back (shit, we'd hold her jewelry!), but we're going with Thuy. Without this, we would have never even heard of this guy (girl? team? whatever).

Thieves vs. Art
Dispute: A bunch of people at stylist Patricia Fields' party for Keith Haring-inspired art work walked off with the giant pieces and murals. Talk about a goodie bag!
Victor: Thieves! While some stupid girl returned three of the works, saying she thought they were for the taking, most of the art is still at large and not coming back.