In your thawing Thursday media column: the PR industry blows a chance to look good, a Nick Kristof documentary, a wedding fight, and NBC declares war on the Lo Lifes.

Style Weekly reporter Chris Dovi referred to a blind motivational speaker as a "blind fucker," in an email. But that email was mistakenly sent to the blind expletive's PR man, and Dovi was fired. A momentary victory for decency in the PR industry? Ha, no, because just look at how the same PR firm is pimping this story out, themselves. Also if I was that reporter I would have gotten pissed too at the incessant hounding by a random publicist. Stop sending idiot press releases, please everyone.

HBO has a new documentary coming out called "Reporter," about the work of Nick Kristof. It will surely be penetrating and relentlessly depressing, like the work of Nick Kristof.

Wedding fight! Conde Nast is pouring resources into Brides and its website in an attempt to steal readers from The Knot, another wedding site. Both of them probably say pretty much the same shit. How much can you say about this stuff, really, right? Wedding fight!

NBC is covering up the Polo logos on its correspondents' Olympic jackets, so as to remain impartial in matters of fashion, and also cause that shit is mad ugly.