Bob Costas couldn't keep up with Stephen Colbert last night. On his game as always, Colbert decided to literally crawl inside of NBC's fireplace to warm his chilled bones. Except for the fact that the fireplace, of course, was fake.

First, Costas runs a clip of his appearance on The Colbert Report, set to air next week, of him crawling on top of a giant stuffed moose. Not to be outdone, Colbert decides to crawl into the fireplace, which along with this technical malfunction, symbolizes NBC's coverage of the Olympics thus far. While inside he says, "You know, it's the authenticity—that's what I really appreciate about NBC. Everything's real." Costas completely loses it.

So between tape delaying nearly every event, skiiers sitting on the chaise lounge of triumph, and Stephen Colbert tucking himself into an e-fireplace, we might have the most raw and genuine Olympic games ever.

You can see the full six minute interview here.

[via NBC]