Last summer, the Washington Post delved into the murder of Robert Wone, an ambitious D.C. lawyer who was allegedly killed by three well-to-do gay friends in a polyamourous sadomasochistic relationship. Something called the "EROSTEK ET302R electrical shockwave generator" was involved.

Wone, a politically ambitious 32-year-old lawyer for Radio Free Asia, was stabbed to death in the million-dollar townhouse owned by his college friend Joseph Price in 2006. While Wone was straight and married, Price (above, right) lived with his husband Victor Zaborsky (left), an ad executive, and his lover Dylan Ward (center), who played the dominant role in their sadomasochistic relationship. Price, Zaborsky, and Ward say Wone was staying over at their house when an intruder broke in and stabbed him. Prosecutors say they lured Wone there, drugged him, and got into some really strange sex play.

What kind of sex play? The kind that involves the EROSTEK ET302R, which is, according to newly filed documents in the case—prosecutors have charged the three men with obstruction of justice, and the homicide investigation continues—an electro-ejaculation device that was found in Price and Zaborsky's home, along with a staggering array of extremely avant garde sex toys. Investigators found semen on and around Wone's anus, but the strange thing is that it was his own semen. So they theorized that Zaborsky, Price, and Ward drugged him and used the EROSTEK to, um, milk him. When the men became convinced that Wone had died, the authorities suspect, they staged a stabbing and invented an intruder as a cover-up.

The whole thing is strange beyond measure, not least because the three accused men were all highly successful and seemingly the picture of upper-class gay propriety: Price was a prominent attorney and co-founder of a Virginia gay rights group; Zaborsky was one of the marketing executives behind the "Got Milk?" campaign; and Ward was a Georgetown grad. And they lived together as a self-described "family" and had a veritable dungeon full of stuff like this, from prosecutors' newly filed evidence tally:

Not to mention books like, Juice: Electricity for Pain and Pleasure:

CORRECTION: This post initially stated that authorities believe that Wone died of a drug overdose and was then stabbed. In fact, the Washington, D.C., medical examiner determined that Wone was killed by knife wounds while incapacitated [pdf].

[Photos via Who Murdered Robert Wone?]