The damage from a Cessna crash in East Palo Alto California today, which claimed the lives of the three Tesla Motors staff on board, appears contained, amazingly enough. No one on the ground died. Yet locals didn't escape the tragedy.

Reminders abounded of the crash that claimed three Tesla staff. The small plane collided with power lines shortly after takeoff, and chunks of the plane burned down one home and damaged three others, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The downed power lines meant some Valley business lost electricity, including Facebook's HQ. Tesla isn't yet commenting on the identities of the victims; former pilot and CEO Elon Musk told the Chronicle, "Tesla is a small, tightly knit company, and this is a tragic day for us." You can follow the developments on Jalopnik's oft-updated post; in the meantime, AP's first pictures of the wreckage are below. (Click here if you'd prefer to see all of these photos on one page.)

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