It needed but this. Prince Frederic von Anhalt, who the AP describe as the "lover (never confirmed) of Anna Nicole Smith," and a "self-proclaimed member of European royalty," will try and fill Arnold Schwarzenegger's chair in the upcoming election.

Von Anhalt has been married seven times, most recently to Gabor, now 93, with whom he lives in Bel Air. According to the AP, he has previously worked as a "bank clerk, screenwriter and sauna manager." He's also rumored to have bought his title, though he claims he was adopted by a German princess. In 2007 he said he'd fathered a child by Anna Nicole Smith. Paternity tests disproved that. In the same year he was found naked behind the wheel of his Rolls Royce Phantom — his excuse was that he had been mugged by three women. He also sued the makers of Viagra, because he was annoyed that he couldn't perform without the drug.

If elected, he wants to lift the ban on Cuban cigars, and legalize marijuana and prostitution. Then tax them all to help fill California's huge budget hole. "I went through lots of things, lots of scandals, but that was yesterday, that's old news," he said of his past. "Look at what Bill Clinton did in the White House. That was bad, but he got away with it. America gives you a break." And that is probably why his website plays the star spangled banner. On loop.