The mysterious hit squad that executed, and possibly tortured, a Hamas leader in Dubai was bigger than first thought, and stole the identities of Britons living in Israel. Who are now confused as to why Interpol are searching for them.

According to the Times of London, Israeli leaders have been denying-without-denying that Mossad, the Israeli secret service with a long and rich history of hit squads, killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Who admitted to killing two Israeli soldiers in a video this month. And who was, you know, an enemy of Israel.

Now the governments of Britain and Ireland are also involved, because it has emerged that several people from those countries — among them a man who recently underwent a heart-bypass operation — had their identities stolen and given to the shady killers who poured into Dubai.

Police there are still seeking the killers, and say that six more members of the crew have been added to their wanted list. They've already arrested two Palestinians they accuse of supporting the hit in some capacity. Anyone who's not employed by Mossad must be hoping at least one killer gets caught — because the diplomatic fireworks would be spectacular. And because extra-judicial killing is kind of seen as OK these days, and it shouldn't be, and the utter clusterfuck that would occur would make governments think twice. And because the movie would just be amazing.