Heyyyyy! Guess who just skated a fabulous, flawless and fierce-as-hell short program at the Olympics? And did so in a deep V-neck/slim black pant outfit with sequins and pink tassels, to boot? Johnny Weir did, honey! Also: Poker Face dancing.

Stop what you're doing, pour some not-yet-released Angel by Mariah Carey Champagne (Rosé, obvi.), put on some Lady Gaga (Weir is partial to Poker Face), get that fur coat out of the closet and watch Weir skate what was actually a pretty great routine, complete with enough "O" faces and ~you know you wanna hit it~ expressions to last a few gay lifetimes.

Here's a small sampling of Weir's short program; for the full video—at NBCOlympics.com—click here.

Update, 11:50 PM ET: Hey, speaking of Poker Face... it came on in the arena shortly after Weir had finished his routine. Coincidence or diva demand? Regardless, he was happy, and even danced a little jig for us. Video below (H/T ndhapple).

Edited to Add: *Snaps*