Bringing you the most important Olympics coverage on the internet, Gawker is investigating the mysteries of the games. Yesterday we discussed the Couch of Shame. Today: Why do the male pairs figure skaters have such big butts?

Seriously! We know they're athletes and all, so their muscles will always be more pronounced, but... damn, Gina. For some reason these dudes are just really stacked in the buttockal region. We'll say nothing of their lady counterparts' nearly across-the-board jacked-up grill issues, but for the most part, last night's pairs men had all shoved some slabs of Canadian bacon down the back of their sparklepants. We suppose it makes practical sense. Cushioning for all of the falling they did last night. Below is some photo evidence, though the pictures don't really do the phenomenon justice. You may think we're grasping at straws here, but we're not. The trend was verified last night by an objective viewing partner. So, have a look. And be sure to continue reading Gawker for more hard-hitting Olympics analysis.