"Breaking," ha: be-hair-gelled governing robot Mitt Romney was totally attacked by a fellow patriotic American whilst in flight! Romney did not get all fucked up—or did he(??). What we know at this point:

  • Mitt Romney was in Vancouver at the Winter Olympics. Yesterday he decided to fly home (not very patriotic?).
  • "Romney asked the passenger sitting in front of his wife, Ann, to raise his seat back before take off."
  • This passenger "became enraged and took a swing at Romney." BUT DID IT CONNECT?
  • "'Gov. Romney did not retaliate, but instead allowed the airline crew to respond to the incident,' [his spokesman] said in a statement to the [Boston Globe]."
  • The guy was then removed from the plane by, get this, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  • Would-be Commander-in-Chief Mitt Romney allows sap-sucking Canadian horse cops to fight his battles for him. America clearly made the right choice in the loser's bracket of the '08 primaries. "Cowboy up," Mitt Romney!

Although people who put their seats back like that are categorical assholes.
[via Wonkette. Pic: Getty]