Indiana senator Evan Bayh stepping down is variously a catastrophe, a threat and a protest. There's also news from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and yet another debate about weight in fashion week.

Stories that are also interesting:

  • The New York Times have a fantastic in-depth look at the tea party movement. It's shorter than the New Yorker's recent effort in the same area, but much better.
  • The LA Times continue to examine the heroin trade from Mexico.
  • And the New York Post speculate on a presidential run for Bayh in 2012.

Disclosure: I freelance write and report for newspapers that are included in this roundup. Where there is a direct conflict of interest I will make it clear.

The New York Times: report on the secret raid to capture a senior Taliban leader in Pakistan, and on the military offensive in Afghanistan itself. Meanwhile, across the border, the state department fear Iran will become a military dictatorship. There's also the news that Evan Bayh will not stand for re-election in Indiana, an analysis of how Canadians hold their hockey sticks, and a fantastic long look at the Tea Party (which bests the New Yorker's effort on the same topic a few weeks ago).

The Washington Post: also say bye to Bayh, have their obligatory snow story, look at the impact of foreign money on the housing market and the transformation at the University of Maryland. Today's dispatch from Afghanistan lacks the punch of other papers on the ground in that country. The story is a less good version of a Wired magazine feature from two months ago.

The LA Times: reports that many more complaints about Toyota have surfaced. They also have the news on Evan Bayh and Iran, report on students awaiting entry to UC and CSU and take a look at the heroin trade from Mexico.

The Wall Street Journal: lead with fluctuations in the currency market, report on Evan Bayh's announcement, a battle between investors and health insurance companies, and the woes of Dutch dairy farmers who move to America to make it in milk.

The New York Post: speculate on Evan Bayh's plans for the future.

The Daily News: report on some charity shenanigans in Queens. They also stretch credibility by calling any debate on weight in fashion extraordinary.