The New York Post report that 24 murals and paintings went missing from a party at the Hudson Hotel last week. The pieces, as large at 6 feet across and valued at $3000 and up, were taken around 2am.

The works, inspired by Keith Haring, styled by Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field, shot by photographer Dah Len and featuring celebrities like Mark Ronson, were lifted from a fashion week after party at the Hudson Hotel's new basement club. A representative for the club pointed out, essentially, that drunk people will do dumb stuff. He or she told the Post that "organizers were encouraging people to graffiti the wall and write on the prints — it was a free space and people saw it as that. I'm not sure if it was really a theft. Guests may have believed the pictures were there to be taken."

Yeah. Right. But 'guests' across town steal, have done for years and will never stop as long as alcohol, expensive and fairly portable items and lax party security combine in a city full of relatively poor people with friends who know a guy who's dating a publicist who can sneak them in.

[Pic via House of Field]