A complicated back-story could lead to a Taxi Driver remake—starring Robert De Niro. The ACE awards happened. Barbara Walters won't torture us anymore before the Oscars. Today's Trade Roundup is dedicated to former president Martin Van Buren.

Martin Scorsese is remaking Taxi Driver with Robert De Niro, but the whole thing is complicated by the fact that Lars Von Trier is making him do it. Sort of. So, Von Trier did that movie The Five Obstructions in 2003 with Jorgen Leth, where Leth remade his film The Perfect Human in a bunch of different ways. Now, writes Variety, "In the new project, Von Trier will challenge Scorsese and De Niro to remake their 1976 classic Taxi Driver." Is this a collaboration between the directors, or will Scorsese simply make the film at Von Trier's behest? Either way, Variety says filming won't likely start until Von Trier finishes shooting his sci-fi film Melancholia Next year. It's all very strange. [Variety]

•Variety reports that British director Mike Newell is writing and directing "an untitled feature about the mysterious death of former KGB spy Alexander Litivinenko" for Warner Bros. Remember that guy? He was poisoned with polonium-210 and died in London in 2006 after all his hair fell out. Putin totally did it! (If I'm dead tomorrow, you know what happened. -ED) [Variety]

•For 29 years, Barbara Walters has bumbled her way through the hour before the Oscars with her interview special. But this year will be her last. Guests will include Sandra Bullock and Mo'Nique. Said Walters: ""I will always remember when Hugh Jackman gave me a private lap dance or sitting down with the legendary Bette Davis or being taught to tango by Al Pacino." Ugh, why did she have to remind us of that Hugh Jackman lap dance thing. [THR]

Michelle Borth ("The Forgotten") and Jonathan Scarfe ("Raising the Bar") have been cast to star in the ABC pilot The Matadors. Matadors is "a Romeo-and-Juliet-style drama about two feuding families' battle against each other as one populates the state attorney's office and the other manages an influential private law firm." Also stars Zach Gilford. [THR]

•People won stuff this weekend at the American Cinema Editors' awards: The Hangover won best editing in a movie, and 30 Rock won best editing in a half-hour series. Editing! [Variety]

•A publicist for Craig Furgeson's Late Late Show was busted sending out fake ratings to showbiz types. Good thing nobody cares about late-night anymore! [The Wrap]