It's bad enough that Elle's business is booming while Vogue is in the toilet, but now Carol Smith is on the cover of the Daily Frontrow taking credit for having Anna's bob first. And it's a lie!

Smith, who has the exact same haircut as the Vogue editor-in-chief, claims that she did it first, in her senior year of high school and has the above picture to prove it. She took so much flack for trying to bite off Anna's look that she carried around the old picture to prove it. But is this time line valid?

According to Jerry Oppenheimer's Wintour biography Front Row Anna got her first bob in 1963 (which would have made her 14) inspired by Maureen Cleave, one of her father's favorite reporters at the Evening Standard. That may be true, but this picture of Wintour at at 21 that was shown in The September Issue, clearly shows her without the bob. Maybe she got one and let it grow out again? However, Oppenheimer talked to the person who gave Anna her first bob as a teenager, so let's say her first one was in 1963.

I can't figure out how old Smith is (good job keeping it hidden lady), to have beaten Anna that would have had to be in 1962. If she got it her senior year in high school, as she says, and if she was 17 that year, that means she would have had to be born in 1945, making her a solid 4 years older than Ms. Wintour. Sorry, Carol, but you look way too good to have been born in 1945! Therefore, unless someone tells us when you were born, we're going to have to say that Anna beat you to the punch. You might not have known who she was when you got your first cut, but if we're going to play the "back in the day" game, you're going to lose. After all, Anna was a club-hopping high school hipster in swinging '60s London, and you were just some girl with a goofy haircut.