The oldest living newsperson who is not on 60 Minutes, announced today that the upcoming annual Oscar Special—her 30th—will also be her last. Thanks for finally giving someone else a chance to do something on TV, Babs.

The news segment, which interviews heavies in the entertainment industry, has aired immediately before the Oscars since 1981 when she interviewed Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach. Over the years she's made guests like Ronald Reagan, Sophia Loren, Prince Charles, Tom Cruise, Stephen Speilberg, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Hugh Jackman cry in that way that only Barbara Walters can. This year she takes on Sandra Bullock and Mo'Nique among others. Now that Walters is leaving, some other very serious journalist may get to take up the tradition. Somewhere Billy Bush is waiting for a phone call that will never come.