Is The New York Post having a laugh? Has Rupert Murdoch gone soft? What is up with this insane editorial today apparently seriously endorsing a Mort Zuckerman Senate run?

Here is the most bloodthirsty and angry editorial board in New York glowingly complimenting the publisher of the city's rival tabloid. Supposedly Murdoch and Mort made a pact to not attack each other's families a couple years back, but that never extended to praising each other. Just last month, talks to save cash by consolidating printing and distribution of the papers broke down completely (with typical anti-Daily News sniping from Post editor Col Allan to boot).

So what the hell do we make of this?

Zuckerman, on the other hand, is a heavyweight — an internationalist with a firm grasp on the challenges facing the nation in that realm, a fierce supporter of Israel at a time of grave peril for that embattled nation and an experienced businessman with a clear appreciation of how much damage anti-growth fiscal policies can do to America.

New York has a proud tradition of sending superior people to the Senate.

"Superior people"? Mort Zuckerman? This is either the most sarcastic endorsement ever, or New York's ruling elite have decided to actually openly wage class war on everyone else. Our billionaires are finally putting aside their differences and banding together to destroy the rest of us once and for all.

The only other coherent explanation for this bizarre series of worshipful descriptions of Zuckerman utterly at odds with observable reality as we know it is that Col Allen is just trying to lure Zuckerman into the race for the material it would provide.

(Over at The Awl, Choire has the decade in hilarious and insane Post attacks on Mort the publisher, businessman, and human being. Did you know that this "heavyweight" and "experienced businessman" is "a horrible, nickel-and-diming boss" and a "loser"? It's true! Or at least it was until this morning.)