Must've been good, because Chris Anderson thought it was "god-awful," and one blogger wonders if she "took a dump on stage." The TED website describes her talk as "a new perspective on the number 3000." But...what perspective? Update: Wow.

The annual conference of supposedly important people with supposedly important things to say supposedly took a turn for the worst when Sarah Silverman got up on stage to speak. Seriously, if TED "curator" Chris Anderson is talking shit on his own speaker...

...And then, according to one asskisser, apologizing for her...

...With other bloggers noting that "Sarah Silverman is being too honest :-)"...

...and some saying she had them "pissing (themselves) laughing" and "killed it"....

We kind of have to know what happened. If you do, hit us up.

Update: Well, we might have some kind of idea, now. Via MediaPost, a fairly rough report:

Sarah learned she was Jewish because everyone else treated her like a Jew. She was a very deep child. It's not like the Jews killed Baby Jesus, and btw: You are welcome for the Jews having killed the 39 year old, otherwise he wouldn't be famous (Everyone knows you gotta die young to be famous).

We need religion. It's a way to cope with the unanswerable. Because if Sarah thinks about the fact that she was just a spec that exploded up out of her dad's balls, that's fucked up.

Insecurity can humble us. It's a survival skill. It can protect us. From things like aging. When Sarah was nineteen, there were so many official pussy inspectors, and now, you never see them anymore… probably because of computers. "Just please don't think I care."

We live in a world of excess. Population doubles every 40 years (Sarah read that on a blog) - that's crazy! How is it not total vanity to give birth when there's so many kids to adopt?

Sarah plans to adopt a mentally challenged child, because she really does enjoy the company of the mentally challenged. Unfortunately they don't leave the nest - ever. Therefore, Sarah plans to adopt a retarded person that is terminately ill. Who does that? Amazing people.

Everyone deserves to have a song. This is for the inner porn stars in the audience. All the penises in the galaxy…

TED's traditionally pretty grandstanding about the nature of their speakers and what they have to say. For example, a totally square (America Online founder) Steve Case:

And more:

And even shock from Silverman herself:

So while she may not have "taken a dump on stage," but Sarah Silverman definitely put something on TED's reputation and speakers. Defiant mockery, perhaps? Not exactly revolutionary, but in that setting, definitely a little groundbreaking.

[Thanks to Paolo at NYC The Tumblr for links.]