That's right, Lifetime did the unthinkable and showed 10 of the 11 remaining designers collections in Bryant Park today. So, who is going to actually be a real finalist and who is going to win? Let's figure it out.

The whole point of having a Project Runway show during Fashion Week is to try to guess who is going to be the eventual winner of the show. That means that you may run across some spoilery info that you didn't want to know. If you're one of those spoiler crybabies, stop reading now and go click on a post about Harold Ford instead.

As usual, the show was like a class reunion for former Runway contestants and it was great to see some of our old favorites (and some whose names we don't even remember) in the flesh. There were a few B-list celebrities: Abigail Breslin, Rachel Zoe, Nigel Barker who was walking around trying to figure out why Tyra Banks wasn't there and what the hell happened to America's Next Top Model. The guest judge is Faith Hill, who joined Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia Fashion Director of Marie Claire Magazine in the front row right next to Harvey Weinstein.

The only designer that hasn't been eliminated on the show who didn't show a collection is Mya. Does that mean she is the next to go? Did she get disqualified or otherwise so shamed herself the producers didn't want her dirty clothes in their presentation? Who knows.

Here are the collections in the order in which they appeared today. They were each 10 looks, so the number of dresses is no indicator of whether or not they made it to the finals. I was hoping to spot who had to make the surprise 11th look (!!) the night before the big tent and spoil this whole thing, but Lifetime is smarter than me. It must be the lady vitamins. There was lots of purple, blue, tweed, cap sleeves, big shoulders, and prints. While I picked the finalists, I also ranked the collections based on how good they were compared with each other, but that doesn't indicate the order in which I think they're going to get kicked out. So, without further ado: the clothes.

These are photos I took from my seventh-row perch (right behind Nicholas from last season), so forgive the quality. We'll be replacing them with professional shots once they move on the photo wires.

Inspiration: He didn't say.
The Look: Lots of separates, volume at the hips and shoulders. Tweed, muted purple, separates, a gorgeous scalloped cocktail dress, and a final red dress that didn't match anything at all.
Will He Be a Finalist?: Possibly.
Why: Everything was extraordinarily well-made and tasteful. Jay has had a strong showing all season (including a win), and had one of the better presentations.
Rank: 5

Inspiration: "Things that grow but are not alive" and crystals
The Look: Very Forever 21 with simple separates, loose flowy tops, cap sleeves. Cohesive, but bland.
Will She Be a Finalist?: No way.
Why: She was the worst of the bunch, and her skills on the show haven't been much better.
Rank: 10

Inspiration: "A study in volume and things that fly."
The Look: Gorgeous detailed tops that were big at the neck. Gold and rust colors, prints that looked like fire. Tweed leotard crotches that can only be described as diaperish.
Will He Be a Finalist?: No.
Why: The work was too spotty. Some great pieces, but the super short leotard look was disastrous. I wanted to like this more, but he really was out shown.
Rank: 8

Anthony (aka Suzanne Sugarbaker)
Inspiration: The rough economy and that people "just gotta keep movin'."
The Look: Surprisingly well-made dresses in sparkly colors. Lots of silver, paillettes, lots of ruffled skirts. The prom-queen glam that we're used to seeing from Anthony. The only misstep was a Joan Crawford gown that was fitted around the waist and flared out at the bottom that made the model's skinny ass look like a soccer ball.
Will He Be a Finalist?: Yes.
Why: He's great TV and he's been improving on the show. I was seriously wowed by his collection, possibly because I always have low expectations for Suzanne.
Rank: 3

Inspiration: Film noir, crime novels, "women on the run."
The Look: Retro throwbacks in grey, forrest green, and black. The boogie woogey bugle girl from company tweed. WWII hats. A little silly, but intricate garments that were finely crafted.
Will He Be a Finalist?: No.
Why: His inspiration wasn't processed enough and it looked like too much retread. Maybe it was the hats?
Rank: 6

Seth Aaron
Inspiration: '40s Russian military.
The Look: Bondage Ninotchka with a pom-pom on her head. High necks, black and white stripes, structured layers of fabric, yellow scotch tape plaid, tiny polka dot prints, cap sleeves, and a final purple dress that had no connection to anything that came before it.
Will He Be a Finalist?: No.
Why: Seth Aaron was surprisingly impressive today, but he hasn't been that great on the show and the judges don't seem to admire his aesthetic.
Rank: 7

Inspiration: "Color Me Bad" (we assume he doesn't mean the '90s R&B group)
The Look: Bold colors, very chic and very Marc Jacobs. Lots of coats with a wonderful almost floral print beneath it, wonderful red, blue, and black knits. A metallic gold flowey Donna Summer disco spectacular for the finale that somehow managed to fit.
Will He Be a Finalist?: He should be, but no.
Why: His collection was sound and he's been great on the show, but something about his demeanor said that he was pissed he wasn't in the finals. He was wearing a hoodie and jeans, barely spoke when he came out to introduce his collection and looked gruff the whole time. If he's not a finalist with this collection, he's been robbed.
Rank: 2

Inspiration: Shadows.
The Look: Exactly the '60s mod retread you'd expect from Mila. Lots of black, and black and white combinations with muted purple thrown in. Patent leather, V-shaped patters, lots of wonderful texture.
Will She Be a Finalist?: Yes.
Why: Nina Garcia Fashion Director of Marie Claire Magazine loves her and she regularly churns out great clothes. This collection was a bit underwhelming though, and a little too dark. Strangely enough, the best outfit of the whole bunch was on Mila herself.
Rank: 4

Inspiration: Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles.
The Look: A progression from washed out white to totally red. Earth tones with pops of a strange blue color. Lots of pants with what appeared to be bright blue kneepads. Strange configurations of fabric and crazy patterns.
Will He Be a Finalist?: No.
Why: The collection was a bit of a mess. Also, Ben said it was a "very emotional day" and was almost crying. We take that to mean he was sad he had to show a collection that wasn't in the finals.
Rank: 9

Inspiration: Photographical digital printing and pleating.
The Look: That about sums it up. Her first look was this insane burka-like silouette of a pleated skirt that started right below the model's eyes and continued down her whole body. Tons of pleats, piles of pleats. Black and white Rorschach prints, puse accents and knits, handkerchief skirts, and a shockingly awesome simple black dress with a back that billowed in and out like a sea urchin underwater.
Will She Be a Finalist?: Yes.
Why: Amy is consistently great and her line, while a bit daffy was the best of the bunch. She had a clear point of view. The judges always reward innovation and crazy concepts, so she should take home the top prize. That is, unless Faith Hill insists on someone more safe.
Rank: 1