Last night The Office continued it's attempt to regain lost footing. It seems the whole Sabre buy-out of Dunder-Mifflin is a way to bring Jim back into the sales-floor fold, and push Michael back into his absurd position as boss.

Dallas had the dream season, LOST used time travel, and it seems even a 30 minute network comedy can employ a writing method literature students are chided for. The Office's ploy to keep their audience on board was the introduction of famous actress Kathy Bates and her Floridian printer company, Sabre. Our disappointments were her disappointments, and while it seems obvious that in a world with actual rules it's Jim that is a qualified manager with Michael more logically working a lower position, the introduction of Sabre solves this problem directly; The Sabre manual gives sales the ability to make more money than management with no caps on commission.

Already it's evident that there is going to be a revitalizing of the Jim and Pam vs. Dwight scenario, that Michael is going to have uncomfortable relations with a whole new set of higher-ups, and Nard Dog and Erin are on their way to filling the void of troubled relationship now that Jim and Pam have solidified. Maybe going back to what was working initially is the key to keep The Office moving forward? But Me? I'm still waiting for B.J. Novak's CREED: The Motion Picture.