This week, Taboo explored the topic of "Strange Love". Realdolls, negotiated infidelity, child marriage, and polygamy were on the docket, and things got pretty hot 'n' provocative.

Actually, the first 15 minutes of the program got cut off on our recording, so, woe of all woes, the doll lover portion was basically nonexistent (SO ANGRY). The only sweet doll-related strain that came through was an owner/admirer relating that, were an ideal "organic" woman to come along, his doll would merely fall into disuse and neglect. Well, dude can always hope. And in the meantime - there's fine rubber-silicone ass to be had! The following contains our only fleeting moments of doll-romance, taken from the episode's benediction. Boo. Guess there's always reruns.

The next probe into bizarre amour finds us in the home of Philip, a British polygamist. Formerly a rabbi, he eventually came to realize he had a different calling.

So, he ends up marrying seven different women wildly scattered across the platforms of age and attractiveness, and to father twelve—soon to be fourteen—children with them! Although legally they can't be married, Philip and his wives all wear wedding bands, live together on a farm, and try to get along as a big, weird family. Damn, maybe he could toss a couple of his wives stateside to supercede some Realdolls.

Additionally, Taboo explored the lives of an Australian couple who practices "negotiated infidelity." Under these rules, one has the ability to meet someone at a bar, bring them home, introduce them to your significant other, then proceed to bang them while aforementioned other lounges next door sipping tea and reading magazines. The idea behind this is that humans aren't naturally monogamous, and if the partners are open about the bonus fornication it's basically a "nice thing" to do for each other. The only rule for this couple is no intimacy allowed! i.e. no snuggling, spending the night, etc. Well, whatever works!

Lastly we went to Nepal, where a 7-year-old bride was given to her 10-year-old husband. This was more sad than strange.

Anyway, next week's episode is "Beyond the Grave" - which delves into death and the various rituals surrounding it. Well, death is no Realdoll but hopefully there will be some surprises and joy in store.

National Geographic: Taboo