We got a hold of the BUTT Magazine's upcoming interview with Jacob's adorable husbear Lorenzo Martone and he says they were married in St. Barts over New Years even though they previously denied it. Also, Lorenzo says he's hung!

All-gay BUTT [NSFW, unless you work in a gay designer's studio] is known for their sexually explicit interviews with fabulous homosexuals and Martone's—done by T Magazine's Horacio Silva—is no different. Aside from Brazil born PR man Martone talking about his first time doing the dirty with a man while backpacking in Belgium, the real revelation is that Jacobs and his groom really were married when everyone thought they were. Update: The original interview was amended to include a sentence that states their commitment ceremony wasn't legal because no documents were filed. However, if they had a similar ceremony in New York it wouldn't be legal here either, so our point stands—this is about as much wedding as they're going to get. The updated quote, as it appears in the magazine is below.

Now that we've heard it from Martone, we guess that their wedding cake really was a wedding cake and not some joke at a party like Jacobs rep tried to pass it off as. From the interview, the pair sounds very much in love, but what drives Martone crazy? Getting ignored backstage and Jacobs' signature skirts. "He knows I don't love it," Martone says of his husbands sartorial choices. "I mean I loved it for a couple of months. I thought, 'Okay, it was a cute joke. Get over it.' Be he is in love with them. What can I say? He feels he has found his look and clearly he enjoys the attention that he gets."

As for dick size info, Martone makes a crack about Brazilian tools and Silva replies, "You mean the implication that all Brazilians are hung like Nazis at Nuremberg?" and Martone answers, "I can't complain. My boyfriend can't complain."