Just a few years after Time declared you the person of the year, the fashion industry has realized that we live in a new age of egalitarianism. Thus, some major Fashion Week shows will be streamed live on the internet.

This is very upsetting for the hoity-toits who usually get invited to go to these shows in person, because now any old Tom, Dick, or Ugly can gaze upon the beautiful cloth too. But we say they needn't worry. Doing anything on the internet brings one great shame and discomfort, plus the live streamers can't actually afford the clothes. So, rich celebrities, you are still better than us. Don't worry.

Anyway, here's a little guide to the designers whose clothes you are now allowed to look at. We'll add to this schedule if any more designers announce live-streams, so check back here if you care!

Alexander Wang, Saturday 2/13, 5pm
Watch this young Castro boy's show to figure out what your uber-femme lesbian friends will be wearing in six months. (on SHOWstudio)

Rodarte, Tuesday 2/16, 12pm
Who's the Tilda Swinton in your group of friends? Watch this show, by curious Weird Sisters Kate and
Laura Mulleavy, with that person. (on SHOWstudio)

Marc Jacobs, Monday 2/15, 8pm
Do you know someone who has always been super-trendy — not in a cheesy way, in a chic way — but has of late seemed a bit tired, a bit falling-behind, a bit too gregarious and overexposed? Well, she'll like this show. (on Marc Jacobs)

Men's and Women's Calvin Klein Collection, Men's Sunday 2/14 @ 2pm, Women's Thursday 2/18 @ 3pm
Known for classic, crisp American tailoring, watch this show so you can know what your rich friend's mom will be wearing on Block Island this Labor Day. (on Calvin Klein's Facebook page!)