In your blizzardy Wednesday media column: Luke Russert does it the Luke Russert way, the NYT has no iPad comment, a new journalism moneymaking scheme, and David Remnick acts so haughty you'd think he runs America's best magazine or something.

Professional journalist Luke Russert says about the above Twitpic: "It's not that bad, in fact being a correspondent in this weather is a day at the beach!" Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Whew.

Even though the New York Times managed to make some money last year, they didn't say a dadgum thing about the iPad during their earnings call! The iPad is all that humans care about now NYT, get with the "program," okay?

The latest thing that a journalist is doing to try to make money and thereby not starve: a former religion reporter and a former con man are forming a business reporting venture in which they do investigative reporting on companies, then short the stock. Clearly, the money here will be made when they sell the odd-couple screwball comedy screenplay.

David Remnick on whether the National Enquirer should win a Pulitzer: "I'm not a ridiculous prude about it, but: is that a great achievement of journalism?" Hello, pretentious. Who the fuck are you, Seymour Hersh's editor?