The snow fell too late for the New York papers to lead with the weather (the Washington Post is still thick with the stuff). Instead international news from hot places like Greece, Pakistan and Iran dominates.

Tomorrow, now photographers have been dispatched to capture charming scenes and reporters are freezing their fingers off asking commuters their opinions on the weather, we will doubtless see snow stories galore. For now we have the following diverting tales:

Disclosure: I freelance write and report for newspapers that are included in this roundup. Where there is a direct conflict of interest I will make it clear.

The New York Times: reports that Pakistan has offered to mediate with the Taliban in Afghanistan — something that the paper take with the appropriate grain of salt. Iran, meanwhile, are cracking down on protests with an eye towards the anniversary of the revolution tomorrow. The book on mental disorders is being revised, a Bronx councilman has been charged with fraud, there's a look at long-term care hospitals and a cute picture of a baby to illustrate a story about Canada's search for gold medals at the winter Olympics.

The Washington Post: continues a run of snowy front pages, and has the now-traditional two storm stories here and here. Obama will pursue genuinely bipartisan legislation, and the EU has shored up Greece. The paper also cover the redrafting of the mental disorders book, and have a great story on the youngest detainee at Guantanamo — just 15 when he was taken.

The LA Times: leads with news of Obama's bipartisan efforts, analyzes the economic troubles in Greece with a great headline, covers the news on mental disorders and examines homelessness in Vancouver ahead of the winter Olympics. The feature is an update on the man who went to jail for life under California's three strikes rule for stealing a slice of pizza.

The Wall Street Journal: report on the crisis in Greece, Iran's uranium enriching, the secretive culture that led Toyota astray and how boxers have traded violent and heated pre-fight press conferences for more genteel PR-fests.

The New York Post: have a classic cover on the ridiculous fraud of a Bronx councilman.

The Daily News: lead with the news that Hiram Monserrate is out of the State Senate.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: they have snow in Philly too!

Kleine Zeitung (Austria): and in Austria. Although they appear to enjoy it there.