The father of Gmail gave his kid a pat on the back; a TV doctor defended his slang; and Ashton Kutcher's iPhone ruined his Mexican relations. The Twitterati just tried to get along.

Actor Ashton Kutcher is unlucky with Latinos, but he's working on really earning that misfortune.

When FriendFeed creator Paul Buchheit talks about "my Gmail," we presume he means that on at least two different levels.

TV's Drew "Dr. Drew" Pinsky has been, like, "OMG" all day today.

New York Times writer Stephanie Clifford had a very mild reaction to her hometown being called "boring" and "disappointingly average." But then that's precisely what you'd expect from a Seattleite, isn't it?

If "Julia Allison" is a brand, then "Please don't send me back to economy" is its defining tagline.

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