Yeah, Valentine's Day sucks, but this year we're not hating on it. Instead, we're going to ask you to tell us all your terrible tales of lovesickness that revolve around February 14th. For the best (worst?) there is a prize!

You should know the drill by now, since we did this for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Go to the comments section below and leave us your tale of woe. While the holiday tales centered mostly around fucked up families, we expect these to be more about relationships and the people we choose to treat us like shit! This is completely new territory.

If you have one of these stories, you probably already know it, but we're looking for that time you got stood up by your long-stand crush for a Valentine's date, when you got dumped by your no-good ex just as you were about to give him an expensive present, or when you got food poisoning from some day-old chocolate and ended up puking all over the girl who you thought was going to be the mother of your babies. Tales of the desperate things we do to get over VD-related loneliness are completely acceptable and entirely encouraged. We love a good "relationship gone bad" story, but these have to be centered around the holiday (at least tangentially). Now get in the comments and share, share, share!

We're going to declare our winner on Monday, so that leaves time for you to leave your fresh new stories on Sunday night before you cry yourselves to sleep on your lonely, lonely pillow. If we choo-choo-choose you as the winner, you will get $50 in credit to your favorite dating website (Standard Contest Rules apply). That's like six months on Manhunt. (Not that, ahem, I would know)

Now put on some Joy Division and get in the comments. Share your pain with the world and we will help you find a whole new someone to take out that pain on. See, we're here for you!

[Image via Mark Sebastian's Flickr]