Last we heard of Arabic-speaking National Guardsman Dan Choi, he had been discharged from the army for coming out on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show. But now it appears the lieutenant has been called back to duty and rejoined his unit.

Choi was scheduled to speak at a National Gay and Lesbian Task Force summit last weekend, but sent regrets that he couldn't attend because he'd been called back up. He sent photos from the barracks, explaining that though he'd been issued discharge orders after a news-making trial, the process has not yet been finalized. So he's back! For now. Choi apparently has the support of his commander, and judging from the photos, he isn't making scared straight soldiers cry and feel ashamed of their naked bodies, nor is he making out with everyone while wearing a fabulous wig. He's just doing army stuff, like carrying a gun and, presumably, shooting it. So, military officially not destroyed.