Senators and Federal employees are taking a snow day, with three-foot snowfall blanketing the Atlantic seaboard from New Jersey to Virginia. As America braces for an "encore storm," one major dilemma remains: Which cute nickname won the weather system?

From an etymological standpoint, neither makes sense so we must go to colloquial usage, where Snowmageddon is winning the race due to a late-breaking endorsement from the president.

Snowmageddon: 59,469 blog mentions, 4,064 news according to Google
"Snowmageddon" surged to the fore when President Obama used it on Saturday when he thanked Democrats for "willing to brave a blizzard, Snowmageddon." What's more, is categorically superior to Whereas both host the same brilliant red PANIC!!! banner, the former contains a Twitter feed and useful links about emergency snow routes and which bars are staying open. Though SnowpocalypseDC's minimalism could be read as an homage to pristine white blankets of snow, in a moment of crisis, what you really want to know is where the best snowball fights are, and whether "coolest possibility: thundersnow" will happen.

Snowpocalypse: 55,857 blog mentions, 1,265 news
"Snowmageddon" may roll off the tongue, but "Snowpocalypse" is more fun to type, on account of an unusual consonant cluster and letter 'y.' It also has a bit more of that histrionic je ne sais quoi that the blogosphere loves. (Which is why it's kept up with Snowmageddon in blog mentions, even as news mentions wane.) Witness The Huffington Post: "Weatherman Freaks Out at Snowpocalypse (VIDEO)" and a documented preference here.

Alternates: Snowbliteration, SnOMGasm (I don't totally understand this one but DCist likes it), SNOMFG, Universal Snowcare, Snowper Bowl, Goddamn Groundhog Was Right